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Cabinet Refacing

A popular option for a kitchen remodel is what is called “Cabinet Refacing”. It is both cost-effective and an environmentally sound green path to a beautiful new kitchen.

What is cabinet refacing exactly? It’s taking a functional but dated or drab kitchen and giving it a make-over. You will pick from a plethora of options for doors, woods, finishes, moldings, convenience hardware and pulls. With your choices we will come and in three to five days transform your kitchen from plain to beautiful.

Refacing your home’s cabinets has a better return on your money than any other home improvement project.


First we remove the old doors, drawer fronts and moldings. These are donated or repurposed whenever possible otherwise they are disposed of properly.

Second we clean and prep the exterior of your cabinets for the purpose of superior adhesion of new materials.

Third, we do any modifications to the casework. For instance we can often resize for a refrigerator or new ovens and we can add cabinetry to match existing.

Fourth we add new panels to exposed ends and toe kicks. These are the same color and species of the new cabinet door material. The choice is yours to install new panels under your wall cabinets.

Fifth we add the appropriate facing materials to the leading edge of your casework.

Sixth we install new drawer boxes, pullout shelves, and many convenience hardware. Sometimes these are absolutely necessary but other times they are desired but not needed. We leave that choice up to you.

Seventh we install the crown and valance molding if desired and all the trim moldings.

Eighth we install the new doors and drawer fronts.

Ninth we do any touch up needed.

Tenth we clean up. We do this at the end of each day.